EMCC Catalog 2023-2024 
    Apr 20, 2024  
EMCC Catalog 2023-2024

Career and Technical Division

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General Information

The Career-Technical Division provides students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through occupational preparation programs. These programs include both theory and “hands-on” training to ensure that the graduates are job-ready upon successful completion of instruction.

Outstanding features of the Career-Technical Division are the laboratory and shop facilities and the excellent faculty. The facilities are complemented with up-to-date equipment and relevant technology that mirrors today’s business and industrial settings. The Career-Technical faculty represent many years of training and experience in the various occupational fields. In addition to continuous professional development and occupational training, many of the full-time Career-Technical faculty hold graduate degrees in areas of educational and teaching concentrations.

In addition to the Career-Technical programs of study at EMCC, the College offers a variety of support services that help prepare students for the workforce. EMCC provides CTE Support Services and Developmental Education services. In addition, EMCC provides educational career counseling through Advising Services and CTE Support Services personnel. Course articulation and academic and Career-Technical integration are provided through College and Career Planning. Opportunities for work-site experiences as part of the program of study and job placement are provided through the EMCC Job Fair and Work-based Learning experiences. For all technical students, assurance is provided of sufficient breadth in general education through a total of 20 hours of coursework requirements to include at least one course from each of the following areas: humanities/fine arts; social/behavioral sciences; and natural science/mathematics.

CTE SUPPORT SERVICES AND DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATION - EMCC provides a full range of services for individuals with disabilities, individuals from economically disadvantaged families, individuals preparing for non-traditional training and employment, single parents, including single pregnant women; displaced homemakers, and individuals with other barriers to educational achievement.

For students scoring less than the desired proficient levels on Accuplacer or ACT, CTE Support Services personnel will work with students to develop an individualized program of study that will focus on English, reading, or mathematics. Study skills and professional development training will also be provided for students enrolled in Career and Technical courses.

ADVISING - Advising at East Mississippi Community College is a systematic, collaborative teaching and learning process that empowers individuals to achieve academic, professional, and life goals while considering their diverse background, goals, skills, and responsibilities.

WORK-BASED LEARNING (WBL) - WBL provides eligible career, technical, and academic students the opportunity to receive supervised, paid, on-the-job training related to their career paths and to earn College credit. Employers who agree to participate in WBL provide College personnel valuable feedback on student performance.

Business and Industrial Services

Business and industry needs are met through the East Mississippi Community College Workforce Development Service Division, which is located in the Center for Manufacturing Technology Excellence and The Communiversity on the Golden Triangle Campus. Workforce Development Services is a catalyst and resource for training in the six county district and across the region. The Center for Manufacturing Technology Excellence (CMTE) and The Communiversity (CMTE 2.0) were created by a partnership of local industry, education, and economic development organizations and are committed to the development and enhancement of advanced technological skills in the area’s workforce. The combination of these entities leverages state and federal funding, advanced technology, state of the art facilities, and highly-trained professionals who specialize in making educational and training resources available to business and industrial customers. The diversified staff works with business and industry clientele to determine and deliver comprehensive, customized workforce training.

Career Technical AAS Degree Emphases

General Information

For each student seeking an Associate of Applied Science degree, each program has a general education component that has a minimum of 15 semester hours with at least one pure course from humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, and natural science/mathematics.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree Options

Requirement Credit in semester hours
English Composition I or
ENG 1033 - Technical English  for students who are not planning to transfer.
3 semester hours
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I  or
Oral Communications elective approved by dean
3 semester hours
Math or Natural Science 3 semester hours
Social/Behavioral Science 3 semester hours
Humanities/Fine Arts 3 semester hours
Total Semester Hours 15 semester hours

Math/Natural Science

  • MAT Mathematics
  • BIO Biology
  • CHE Chemistry
  • GLY Geology
  • PHY Physics

Humanities/Fine Arts

  • ART Art Appreciation
  • MUS Music Appreciation
  • SPT Theatre Appreciation
  • ENG Literature
  • HIS History
  • PHI Philosophy/Religion

Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • CRJ Criminal Justice
  • ECO Economics
  • EPY Educational Psychology
  • GEO Geography
  • PSC Political Science
  • PSY Psychology
  • SOC Sociology

If specific courses are not listed in a discipline, any courses in the discipline are considered appropriate.

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