EMCC Catalog 2023-2024 
    Apr 20, 2024  
EMCC Catalog 2023-2024

Academic (University Transfer) Division

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University Transfer, A.A.

General Information

University-related curricula are offered for students planning to transfer to a Senior College and pursue a degree. The Associate of Arts degree is awarded to those students completing a University-related emphasis. The Associate of Arts degree may be earned by completing the general education core and specific courses related to the planned university-level major:

General Education Core: English Composition I and II 6 Semester Hours
MAT 1313 - College Algebra  (or higher) 3 Semester Hours
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I   3 Semester Hours
Laboratory Science 6-8 Semester Hours
Social/Behavioral Science 6 Semester Hours
Fine Arts 3 Semester Hours
Humanities 6 Semester Hours
Total Semester Hours 33-35 Semester Hours

Generally, one-half of the hours required for a bachelor’s degree may be transferred from a Community College and applied to that degree at a four-year College or University. The East Mississippi Community College district maintains a close working relationship with all Mississippi Senior Colleges to ensure that all academic courses, which are intended for transfer, will do so. In this regard, EMCC is guided by the current Articulation Agreement between Mississippi’s Community Colleges (via the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges) and Mississippi’s Senior Colleges (via the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning). This Articulation Agreement covers transfer courses between the state’s two-year and four-year schools.

Laboratory Sciences

  • BIO Biology
  • CHE Chemistry
  • GLY Geology
  • PHY Physics

Fine Arts

  • ART Art Appreciation
  • MUS Music Appreciation
  • SPT Theatre Appreciation

Social/Behavior Sciences

  • CRJ Criminal Justice
  • ECO Economics
  • EPY Educational Psychology
  • GEO Geography
  • PSC Political Science
  • PSY Psychology
  • SOC Sociology


  • ENG Literature
  • HIS History
  • PHI Philosophy/Religion

If specific courses are not listed in a discipline, any courses in the discipline are considered appropriate.

Suggested University-Related Emphases

The selection of courses and course sequences depends largely upon a student’s career choice. The advisors, the instructional administrators, and the assigned faculty advisor are available to counsel with each student; but it is the student’s final responsibility to choose their own course of study.

The three Academic Divisions at EMCC are Social Sciences and Business, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Mathematics and Science. Each Academic Division provides students ample opportunity to select coursework that will lead to an Associate of Arts Degree that prepares them for transfer to a university.

East Mississippi Community College has designed its basic course requirements so that earned credits can be transferred readily to other accredited institutions. Students contemplating transfer should consult the latest catalog of the institution to which they plan to transfer.

For best results in planning your transfer to a public Mississippi university or college, consult the Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool at http://www.matttransfertool.com and “Build Transfer Guide.”

Students are urged to enroll for no more than a total of 4 credit hours in general activities, varsity sports, etc. 

General Education

English Composition I 3 Semester Hours
English Composition II 3 Semester Hours
Public Speaking I (SPT 1113 ) 3 Semester Hours
Literature (1 Year Sequence) 6 Semester Hours
History (1 Year Sequence) 6 Semester Hours
Fine Arts (Music/Art/Theatre Appreciation or Music/Art History) 3 Semester Hours
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6 Semester Hours
Laboratory Sciences with Lab 12 Semester Hours
Foreign Language (2 Year Sequence) 12 Semester Hours
Mathematics (MAT 1313 , MAT 1323 , MAT 1613 , or MAT 1753 ) 3 Semester Hours
General Electives 3 Semester Hours
Total 60 Semester Hours

The term Sequence means that a student should be consistent in choosing the specific type of course. For example, a common History sequence is HIS 2213 - American (U.S.) History I  and HIS 2223 - American (U.S.) History II . All courses EMCC provides or hosts are listed in the Uniform Course Numbering System for the community and junior colleges of the state of Mississippi.


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