EMCC Catalog 2023-2024 
    Apr 20, 2024  
EMCC Catalog 2023-2024

Utility Lineworker Technology One Semester Certificate

Location(s): Scooba Campus

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The Lineworker Program is a one semester program that teaches theory and principles of basic linework, such as climbing, first aid, CPR, forklift operation (leading to certification), truck driving (leading to Class A CDL), basic tool, material, pole framing, and RUS specification. It also provides instruction in fundamentals of electricity, AD/DC circuits, and mathematics.

Admission to the Lineworker Program is limited to fifteen students; therefore, entry is highly competitive and based on specific criteria. First, the minimum academic preparation required will be a high school diploma or GED, but preference will be given to applicants holding an associate degree or higher. Second, this program requires a particular score on the Accuplacer or COMPASS tests for program entrance. Please see the program advisor or a counselor for additional information regarding testing times, locations and minimum scores. Third, applicants must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and drug screening for admission in to the ULT program. Finally, applicants must hold a valid driver’s license from their state of residence.

To secure placement in the Lineworker program, prospective students are encouraged to take the Accuplacer, COMPASS (if available), or ACT as soon as possible to determine score eligibility. If entry-level requirements are not met, applicants may re-test before class begins.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Submit EMCC Application for Admission;
    1. Submit official high school transcript showing date of graduation, or submit an official GED transcript with satisfactory scores;
    2. Submit official college transcripts if applicable;
    3. Submit a score on Accuplacer or score of 15 on ACT;
  2. Submit completed Department of Transportation (DOT) physical with medical examiner’s certificate, and a card to be kept on your person from an approved MDOT medical provider;
  3. Submit completed DOT drug screen with results;
  4. Complete requirements for class A Commercial Driver License (CDL) permit*

* We suggest that individuals get their class A CDL permit prior to beginning the ULT program. Truck driving training cannot start until the class A CDL permit is earned.

22 Semester Hours

*DC Circuits (EET 1114) AND AC Circuits (EET 1123) may be taken instead of AC/DC Circuits for Electrical Technology (ELT 1144 ) AND may be used as a 3 hour elective.

Work-based Learning is available as an additional elective based on opportunity and requirements

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